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Truly Disappointed

Our country took a step forward last night when electing the first African American as the Head of State - and then took a step backwards again when banning gay marraige in California. So I guess we're back where we started!

A man thanked me yesterday when he saw the 'No on 8' pin on my bag. Him and his husband were deathly afraid that there marraige earlier this year would completely unravel if Proposition 8 passed.

And it did. So what's this man going to do now? Wasted time, wasted money - down the drain. He has been told that he is not natural; that 'No good sir, you may not marry the one you love.'

I'm sure anyone who disagrees with me would flinch at the words "his husband." Being gay is a mystery, an abnormality to them. They have no experiance with it. They don't know what to expect.

But when you are gay, or when someone you love is gay, the 'air of mystery', the shroud, is lifted.

Because you learn that marraige has nothing to do with gender; marriage is about love, commitment and honor. If we start defining love by gender, then we get a 60% divorce rate.

And for all of those who voted against Prop 8 yesterday, purely because they knew it was wrong, I thank you.

One day when I'm older, and all this is over- prejudice a thing of the past - I will be proud to say that I voted no on prop 8.
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ooo la la!

This shits on point:
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Narcissistic Personality Disorder:Moderate
Avoidant Personality Disorder:High
Dependent Personality Disorder:Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Low

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Wow I recently found out that Jonathan Rhy Meyers was quite the gorge young fellow back in his day... I saw Velvet Goldmine recently which I really enjoyed and he plays the main character. (The David Bowie one)

He looks like a guy I used to have a crush on my freshman year in high school in this photo:

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Been a While...

But I felt like posting. Maybe even keeping up with it? Gee who knows?
My dad always puts me in a bad mood after work I swear. He can be foul. I try my best to not do anything to upset him but it never quite works. Something never quite works. Today he got mad at me for: not putting away paper towels, not eating fish (vegetarian), not helping my mom out (which I actually did), and not knowing how to run a website. Yargh.

Rick Wright passed away yesterday. Sadness. He was my little fox cub looking rock star.


fox cub = rick wright



Rest in peace Rick.
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This is what I am, I am a man, so come and dance with me Michael.

Awwww... I ate to much dinner... my poor bloated stomach. But it was pasta! I can't help it!
Anyways, today in school we had block scheduling like yesterday. That was not very fun. The STAR test, for English at least, was SO easy. I have the test for Science tommorrow... Oh boy. Anyways, then after school my brother was late picking me up... so I just stood there for about 20 minutes, waiting waiting waiting... I had Geometry for 3 hours as well. That killed me. My teacher let me take my make up test home, so now I'm going to get my smart friend to look over it, and get an A! What a master plan! So yesterday at Marshalls I bought a red velvet jacket, reminds me of something some 70's rockstar would have worn. NICE. But tonight a have a truckload of Math homework. Yippee... He taught us a whole fricken Chapter today(remember, 3 hours) and the test is Tuesday! Frickin' A! My worst subject... too many formulas! They may say that Math makes the most sense... and thats what it would seem like, right? I mean, you just plug it into a formula... only one way to do it, and one answer! But, NO there is officially NO logic behind Math!!!!
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New Day, Same Sun...

Anyways, today was alright. I had STAR testing in school. Im actaully taking it tommorrow, in my English class. Anyways, because of the testing I have a 3 hour block of our classes, which means that we only have 2 classes a day. It's bloody awful!!!! Anyways... I confess.... I've been really rude to my mom lately. I've been acting really snappy , just like a cliche teenager. Anyways, you're going to think I'm awful, but I made her cry a little, even though she wouldn't say what was wrong. God, I'm an awful person.
So anyways, I'm going to Europe this summer, with some kids in My classes, including one of my very best friends. We're going to Rome, Paris, and London. I can't wait to go to London!!!! Maybe some of the virtuoso guitarness in the air will rub off on me! The English are so talented musically, it makes me jealous... Well, I'm going to Marshalls now. Talk to you Soooooooooooonnnnnnnn. Lalalalala!!!!!!
I really wish I knew how to indent these paragraphs....
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